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Register of New Zealand Registered Teachers

The online register lists all registered teachers and those who also hold practising certificates in New Zealand in real-time.  It shows whether a teacher's registration and/or practising certificate has been cancelled or is annotated. Registration and practising certificates are separate and carry different assurances. Only those with a current practising certificate can legally be employed in a teaching position in New Zealand in the compulsory education sector and in roles requiring a practising certificate in the early childhood education sector.

For information about the types of practising certificates please click here.

For information about registration see Requirement for Registration, please click here.

Important information for employers and professional leaders:

All employers must sight the teacher's practising certificate or approval documentation to confirm the correct teacher registration number. A current practising certificate must meet the police vetting requirement of the safety checking process required under the Children’s Act 2014 (formerly the Vulnerable Children’s Act). Employers are responsible for undertaking all other aspects of the safety check, including identity verification, reference checking, interviewing and risk assessment for the person's safety to work with children.

For further information contact the Council. You can also view more information about Schedule 20(6)(b) of the Education Act 1989.

An extension to teach is an extension to the time a person can be employed in a teaching position, where holding a practising certificate is compulsory. Extensions are granted at the discretion of the Council while an individual’s application is in progress. When an extension has been issued for a person without registration the individual will not appear on the register. Where the Register notes that an extension is authorised for an expired practising certificate, employment in a teaching position remains lawful for the duration of the extension.