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Tapasā Workshops

We currently have no availability for the remaining 2019 Tapasā workshops. However, you can look through our workshop resources and use them in your own settings.

Throughout 2019, these workshops have been held nationally, and were co-facilitated by leading Expert Pacific Teachers and the Teaching Council. All teachers, principals/professional leaders, kaiako and tumuaki in early childhood education, primary and secondary school settings were welcome to attend these free workshops.

The aim of Tapasā is to build a confident, competent and culturally-aware education workforce which can engage successfully with Pacific learners. The programme will assist you to:

  • Understand how Tapasā: Cultural competencies framework was developed and its relevance for you as a teacher
  • Develop a high-quality and empowering learning environment for Pacific learners
  • Have a strong understanding of both your own and your learners’ identities, languages and cultures
  • Improve learning outcomes for Pacific learners, their parents, families and communities
  • Apply the lens of Tapasā to the Standards of the Teaching Profession and the Code of Professional Responsibility