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Tūranga Whakaako Whai-herenga Limited Authority to Teach

Tūranga Whakaako Whai-herenga | Limited Authority to Teach enables people without a teaching qualification to teach in positions where there’s need for specialist skills or skills are in short supply, but which are not permanent roles. A Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) is not a type of practising certificate and it is not intended for registered teachers.

Who can apply for a LAT?

LAT applications can be applied for if you have either a Specialist Skill or Skills that are in short supply.

Specialist Skill

A specialist skill is one which requires a high level of expertise in a specific subject area that is not widely available among certificated teachers, for example, musical instrument instruction, a language or guidance counselling.

People granted a LAT under a specialist skill position are likely to be granted it for three years, but shorter durations of one or two years are also available.

Skills that are in short supply

Skills that are in short supply are positions which should be filled by a certificated teacher but for which there are currently no such teachers available because of supply issues in a geographic region. The need for these positions must be demonstrated by an employer and will be considered within a regional context. In these positions you are likely to be granted a LAT for one year.

What's new for LAT applications?

On the new LAT application form there will be additional declarations that an applicant will be asked to commit to:

  • A declaration that you are committed to develop and practise te reo me ngā tikanga Māori throughout your teaching career.
  • A declaration that you are committed to the values and expectations in the Code of Professional Responsibility | Ngā Tikanga Matatika.

Durations and fees for LAT applications

You can use the guidelines below to find out the duration of time that a LAT applicant could be eligible for and which processing fee would need to be provided.

Duration of Limited Authority to Teach

Depending on the applicant's situation and circumstances a LAT can be granted for up to one, two or three years.  Most LAT's will be issued for up to one year, but in some special cases, a LAT may be issued for two or three years.  A LAT would not be issued for a time period beyond the length of the fixed term employment agreement that an individual has with the employing school/centre for the specific teaching position.

Approval Criteria

Approvals will be granted on the basis of the criteria and expectations set out in the registration policy including:

  • A certified copy of a New Zealand qualification that is at least or equivalent to Level 6 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), and which is relevant to your professional skill; OR
  • A certified copy of your New Zealand Qualifications Authority International Qualifications Assessment that shows your qualification is comparable to a New Zealand qualification; AND
  • A full curriculum vitae that shows your experience in an industry or field relevant to the application. This must also detail any curricula or assessment knowledge, or skills; AND
  • A written reference from one of your employers, or a practitioner in your relevant industry or field attesting to your knowledge and skills.

In addition to the above, for LAT applications for skills in short supply, you also need to provide a letter from a professional leader of one or more schools in the geographic area you wish to teach, attesting to the skill shortage in the local teaching supply.

LATs will be granted for one, two or three years:

Up to three-year LAT's will be issued for:

  • Part time (up to 0.5) specialist teachers (such as a language specialist).
  • Itinerant teachers.
  • Guidance counsellors (with teaching responsibilities).
  • Applicants participating in initial teacher education programmes (only until the qualification is complete).

Up to two-year LAT's will be issued for:

  • Māori medium settings.
  • Alternative education centres / special character settings / in a school in support of secondary-tertiary partnerships.
  • Isolated rural settings (using MOE criteria).
  • TeachFirst applicants who are in an employment-based trainee teacher position.

Up to one-year LAT's will be issued for:

  • Day to day relievers.
  • Positions for which it is currently difficult to secure a certificated teacher.


$56.22 including GST of 15% - for a LAT up to one year.

$112.44 including GST of 15% - for a LAT up to two years.

$168.66 including GST of 15% - for a LAT up to three years.

How to apply

A Limited Authority to Teach is applied for by the person needing it, with a Limited Authority to Teach form. The application must be endorsed by a fully certificated principal or professional leader of a school or kura. An application should be made well before it is needed, and extra time allowed to arrange the endorsement. 

LAT Policy

The LAT Policy can be found within the Registration policy.