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Supporting Resources for the Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers

Here you’ll find resources to support the Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers.

International research

The New Zealand Teachers Council has organised presentations and workshops featuring internationally renouned teacher education academics at several previous World Teachers Day events. Videos and slides on learning to teach have been produced as part of these presentations - access them below.

View slides from Professor Feiman-Nemser's presentation, Learning to Teach

Mentoring the Next Generation - what does it take?

To celebrate World Teachers' Day 2010, the Council hosted a two day conference in Wellington to present findings from the Guidelines pilots. The programme also featured a keynote address by Professor Marilyn Cochran-Smith of Boston College's Lynch School of Education, and workshops for delegates to explore aspects of the pilots in depth.

Access the slides from Professor Cochran-Smith's presentation

Video Resources from Induction & Mentoring Workshops

These videos were first developed in 2011 for a national programme of workshops for professional leaders and mentor teachers.
The resources were designed to familiarise workshop attendees with the Guidelines and are still relevant to mentor teachers and professional leaders – they will help you think about what high quality induction and mentoring looks like in practice, and how mentor teachers can be supported to develop the skills they need to be effective.


1. 'Professional Learning Journeys' featuring pilot directors and mentor teachers involved in the national pilot programme. 

2.'Triangulated Mentoring Conversation' role-play featuring facilitator Nicky Dowling, and Louise Green, Aimee Dimery and Rebecca Hale of the North West Network Learning Community.