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Support for Provisionally Certificated/Beginning Teachers

PCTs, professional leaders and mentor teachers in schools have access to Mau Ki Te Ako, a support programme run in partnership between Ngāi Tahu rūnanga and Education Support Services, University of Otago College of Education.

Support for Itinerant Teachers of Music, Part-time Teachers, and Relief Teachers      

Are you a provisionally certificated teacher who does not meet the typical criteria for being allocated a mentor teacher or  becoming part of your school/centre’s/kura’s (educational setting’s) formal induction and mentoring programme?         

If you are working over a number of different educational settings and this work totals at least 0.5 Full Time Teacher Equivalent (FTTE), there may be an option for you to work towards meeting the requirements for your full practising certificate.  

Note: Your 0.5 FTTE+ could be made up of: part-time employment over one or more settings, plus some relief teaching.

The Teaching Council has designed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to coordinate the educational settings you work in, and support you in accessing a formal induction and mentoring programme. You will need one educational setting to act as your ‘host’. The host provides you with a mentor and incorporates you in to their PCT programme. Other educational settings listed in the MOU are noted as ‘additional hosts’. These do not have to provide a mentor but are expected to continue to support you as a PCT.

Please read the MOU carefully before completing all relevant sections in full. Once all parties have signed, please send the entire MOU and your individual  I&M Plan to with the subject line ‘MOU for I&M, and name of PCT’, the programme will not commence until both the MOU and I&M Plan are received and are approved by the Teaching Council.

Induction and Mentoring programmes

The Teaching Council has been supporting Induction and Mentoring of Provisionally Certificated Teachers (PCTs) in two different programmes:

  1. Itinerant Teachers of Music and Relief Teachers
    The Teaching Council designed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support provisionally certificated/beginning teachers who are part-time, or relief teachers employed in approximately 0.5 Full Time Teacher Equivalent (FTTE). This programme was also targeted at itinerant teachers of music who may be working up to a FTTE.

    The pou tautoko/mentor is based at one of the schools or centres (host) where the pia/beginning teacher currently teaches.

    The Teaching Council, with funding from the Ministry of Education, allowed the main host school to invoice for one hour per week for the mentor teacher. This is being used in a variety of ways depending on individual circumstances, such as: teacher release time for the mentor to observe the PCT and/or compensating the mentor teacher for time spent with the PCT.

  2. Tuakana Teina Pilot
    Our Tuakana Teina Induction and Mentoring pilot matched experienced pou tautoko/mentor teachers with provisionally certified teachers/beginning teachers with the aim of helping them progress to Full Certification. It was open to individuals who were having difficulty putting their induction and mentoring programme in place.

    Read about Carol Walters, a Tuakana Teina mentor, who is so passionate about mentoring she has taken a year off from her teaching role to mentor full-time, and currently mentors six teachers as part of this pilot.

Support in both programmes was open to teachers working across English and Māori Medium settings in early childhood education, primary and secondary settings and Communities of Learning│Kāhui Ako until the end of 2019 (or the teacher gained their Full Practising Certificate).

Due to the successful uptake of these support programmes applications are now closed.  We would like to thank those who applied and are currently participating in these programmes.

Next Steps

The templates for an induction and mentoring programme are being trialled in the Tuakana Teina pilot. After feedback from the participants, these will be modified and made available for pou tautoko mentor and pia to use as a foundation to develop their individual induction and mentoring programme.