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Limited Authority to Teach

A Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) allows a person who cannot be registered and certificated to be employed in a teaching position in a specified situation temporarily. It is not a form of registration or practising certificate. LATs may be used to cover teaching positions in a variety of roles. They should only be used in the case where a certificated teacher with the required specific skills can’t be found for the role.

A LAT is not transferable. This means it can only be used for the purposes for which it was granted, which is named on the approval letter. 

A LAT is not an extension to the 10 full days that a person can teach without holding a practising certificate or authorisation from the Teaching Council – it is an authorisation for a specific role and person in a specific situation for a specified time period.  A person who holds a LAT cannot be permanently appointed to a teaching position.

Who can apply for a LAT?

LATs are granted for people who will hold a teaching position over the period of a contract.

LATs are not for people working as teacher aides, kaiarahi i te reo/kaiawhina or other such support role, as these are not considered teaching positions. The Teaching Council will not grant an authority to anyone who is already eligible for registration and a practising certificate – they must go through the normal certification process.

Durations and fees for LAT applications

LATs are granted for limited periods. There is a fee for applications. 

How to apply

A Limited Authority to Teach is applied for by the person needing it, with a Limited Authority to Teach (EC40) form.

The application must be endorsed by a fully certificated principal or professional leader of a school or kura. An application should be made well before it is needed, and extra time allowed to arrange the endorsement. 

LAT Policy

The LAT Policy can be found within the Interim Registration Policy