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Hapori Matatū - Online Services

New online services – making it easier for the teaching profession

A priority for the Teaching Council is improving our core business processes so we can effectively provide leadership and direction to the teaching profession, support knowledgeable and capable teachers and allow information to be shared securely.

Teachers are at the heart of everything we do, and our new online services, coming soon, will help teachers to do their jobs more easily and effectively.

These new tools and information will improve teacher confidence in Council services and processes, create a safer teaching environment through improved registration, conduct and competence systems, and support more effective professional development.

Hapori Matatū | Online Community

What is Hapori Matatū?

It’s a ‘digital front-door’ that will allow teachers to access all online services and renew certification online.  This is a safe, secure and professional space for teachers and professional leaders. 

What does online services mean?  Aren’t we already online?

Although we already have an online form for full practising certificate renewals, this was only the first step to becoming fully automated. We are now ready to take the next step towards moving the Teaching Council services online.

The new online services will streamline the application and endorsement process, so it’s more intuitive and easier to use for teachers and professional leaders. 

How will online services help me?

Hapori Matatū will help teachers and professional leaders do their jobs more easily and effectively through:

  • automating and replacing our current paper-based processes
  • introducing new communication and collaboration tools; and
  • improved online customer support.

What will registered teachers be able to do on Hapori Matatū?

We’ve worked alongside teachers and professional leaders to design this online service to ensure it’s simple and easy to navigate and has the right tools available.  Through Hapori Matatū, registered teachers will be able to do a range of things including:

  • Apply for and renew practising certificates online.
  • Apply for practising certificate extensions.
  • Upload supporting documentation.
  • Track the progress of your activities, applications and reports, in real time.
  • Find out about, and book into, upcoming workshops and professional learning opportunities.
  • Make payments (e.g. certification and workshop fees).
  • Manage and update your profile information.
  • Share resources, literature and research to support your professional learning and development.
  • Join online discussions with other teachers and professional leaders.
  • Create and join online groups.
  • Get online assistance from our Teaching Council Customer Service team.

Professional leaders will additionally be able to:

  • Complete key tasks online (e.g. endorsing teacher practicing certificates and extension requests; and submitting Mandatory Reports).
  • Meet reporting obligations.
  • Start/join groups and discussions with colleagues and collaborate with the education community.
  • Access endorsements and reporting on conduct and competence concerns in one place.

When will Hapori Matatū be available?

We’re currently testing but will confirm the date Hapori Matatū will be available very soon.

Here’s some great feedback we’ve received from our testing:

I have been on and done all the tasks so far with success! The layout is easy to follow and looking good! Definitely a website you can spend a bit of time on looking around and fiddling in order to get to know where you can access everything. Awesome!  Stacey, Carlyle Kindergarten, Napier

How will you access Hapori Matatū?

Once available, Hapori Matatū will be easily accessible with a direct link that we will supply to you, or via the Teaching Council website.  You’ll need to use your Education Sector Log-on (ESL) to access Hapori Matatū.

How do you apply for an Educator Sector Log-on (ESL)?

When Hapori Matatū goes live you will need an ESL account.  This is a username and password used in institutions for access to Education sector applications such as Te Waharoa Ararau and e-asTTle.  If you don’t already have an ESL account you can arrange one through your learning centre, or school ESL Delegated Authoriser.

Are you working in early childhood or tertiary education?

Although you haven’t previously required an ESL account for the Teaching Council, unless you have already renewed a full practicing certificate using our EC30 Online form, you will now need to apply for one. 


For more information on Hapori Matatū, including how to apply for an ESL account, please refer to our FAQs.

New policy in progress: Teacher Registration, Practising Certificates and Limited Authority to Teach

That’s right, the Teaching Council consulted with the profession to develop our new policy.  The new policy has been simplified so that applicants, teacher’s and professional leaders better understand what is required to get registered, and apply for or renew a practising certificate or Limited Authority to Teach.   

The new policy will be implemented and delivered by the new online services system, Hapori Matatū.


If you would like more information on the new policy, please refer to our FAQs.