Early childhood teachers can renew full practising certificates online

December 2018

The Teaching Council is excited to announce that early childhood education (ECE) teachers can now renew their full practising certificate online (EC30).

The online renewal process will be simpler, faster and more efficient for teachers in ECE, primary and secondary schools and their leaders. It is part of a larger project to move the Teaching Council’s processes online.

Teachers currently working in a school or centre can apply online. The identification verification tool we’re using for the first stage of our online process is the Education Sector Logon (ESL) which is currently available through schools and now in ECE via the paper application form available on the Ministry of Education website here (ESL51 form): http://services.education.govt.nz/education-sector-logon/access/ece-sector/

Once they have received the Logon, it’s as easy as gathering the required evidence and completing a renewal application through the Teaching Council website.  When the application is complete, teachers can submit the form and advise their professional leader that it’s ready to endorse.

Professional leaders (endorsers) will also need to obtain an Education Sector Logon from the Education Service Desk (link for ESL50 form) and Evidence of Identity information is required to delegate authorising responsibility. Leaders can speed up the approval time by endorsing teachers’ applications as soon as they are submitted.

Find out more about EC30 online: https://educationcouncil.org.nz/content/ec30-online

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