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Development of the Leadership Strategy and Leadership Capability Framework

Throughout 2017, we worked collaboratively with teachers, leaders, academics and representatives of the profession to review evidence and stimulate thinking and discussion about future focused leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand. Collaboration occured across the entire profession with registered teachers from ECE through to Tertiary, in English and Māori medium settings. 

The development process was iterative, with multiple opportunities to meet and provide feedback including forums, an online survey, focus groups and iterative discussions. This feedback helped to shape a draft of the Strategy.

Consultation on the draft Strategy began in December 2017 and ran for three months. We received 191 submissions through the online survey, email or hard copy. Responses came from Early Childhood Education (36%), Primary (34%) and Secondary (29%) settings. Read the full consultation summary here to find out more about who responded and what they said.

The feedback received from the profession was positive, with many respondents welcoming the Strategy and commenting on its timeliness. Some of the feedback was about the implementation of the Strategy initiatives, what was proposed to do over the coming years, and which agency would be leading this work.

The Leadership Capability Framework was outlined as an initiative in the draft Leadership Strategy, and was developed in response to positive feedback from the profession during its consultation. The Framework outlines the core capabilities needed for effectve leadership, and what the capabilities look like in different spheres of leadership influence: organisational leadership, team or middle leadership, and expert teachers and those who take responsibility for an initiative. It provides teachers with a practical tool to identify, grow and develop their leadership capability.  

We consulted on the Framework with those involved in the development of the Leadership Strategy and  education agencies during July 2018.

The finalised Strategy and Framework were launched to the teaching profession in August 2018. The decision to launch both together reflects the significance of the relationship between the two documents.

Sector events

Prior to launching the Leadership Strategy, the Council hosted events across the sector to discuss future focused leadership in Aoteraroa New Zealand and to inform the development of the Leadership Strategy. 

At the Academic Forum in February 2017, we got together with sector leaders to consider what effective leadership would look like in a future New Zealand context, and how we could achieve this vision. We released a research paper, and a summary graphic. We hosted a second Academic Forum in July 2017 to establish next steps for the leadership strategy. Here's the research paper from that event. More information about the Academic Forum.

The Agency Symposium brought together the Ministry of Education and other education sector organisations to consider the position of our profession, and how we could use data to make sense of the bigger picture, tell a story, and show connections. This image summarises our insights from the forum. More information about the Agency Symposium.

In March 2017, we hosted a Profession Conference with peak bodies to discuss what would help leaders be effective, what we want the state of leadership to be in ten years, and what will get us there. Following the conference, we released an insights paper. We released this insights paper after our second Profession Conference in August. More information about the Profession Conference.

We held a Māori Leadership Forum in June 2017 to start a conversation with Māori education leaders about how the leadership strategy should be framed and what critical elements it should include. The participants considered what must happen to widen the spread of knowledge about Māori leadership knowledge, skills and resources across the profession. Following the forum, we released an insights paperMore information about the Māori Leadership Forum.


Leadership for Communities of Learning: Five Think Pieces

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Forum for Māori Representative Groups in Education

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Young People's Insights 

Middle Leadership Paper

MOE Provided Leadership Professional Learning 2017 and 2018

Discussion Paper: Leadership for Communities of Learning

Academic Forum Summary Graphic

High Level Strategy Development Table

Summary Teacher Survey

Discussion Paper: Leadership for Communities of Learning (PDF, 681KB)

Leadership Think-Pieces (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Blenheim Communities of Schools (PPT)

National Leadership Forum Workshop (PDF)

Keynote Jamie Fitzgerald Wellington 8 July (PDF, 1.4MB)

Keynote Melissa Clark-Reynolds Napier 22 June (PDF, 33.1MB)

Growing Great Leaders - Improving Progress (PDF, 45KB)

Trust Building and Collaboration (PDF, 2.1MB)

Education Council National Leadership Forum 10 June (video)