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For Beginning Teachers

If you have recently graduated from your ITE programme you are well on your way to starting an exciting teaching career. Before you can start applying for jobs you need to get a practising certificate.

Being issued with a full practising certificate

Certification provides public assurance that you have the qualifications, skills and character suitable for the teaching profession. Those employed in a teaching position in schools and kura are required by law to hold a current practising certificate or authorisation.

Steps toward full certification

Teacher education pathway diagram

Finding a teaching position

Once you have provisional certification you can start working as a teacher. When you are looking for work as a teacher you will need to apply directly to schools, kura or early childhood education services.

How to find work as a teacher in New Zealand

It’s important to ensure that the position you are to be appointed to will enable you to meet the requirements to be issued with a full practising certificate.

Your teaching position needs to:

  • be in the general education system
  • provide multiple opportunities to demonstrate and meet the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • be 0.5 full time teacher equivalent (FTTE) or more.

Also consider:

  • your employment includes an established appraisal process against the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • your employer provides an induction and mentoring programme for beginning teachers – this must be based on the Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers and Te Hāpai Ō – Kaupapa Māori based induction and mentoring for Māori-medium settings
  • your induction and mentoring programme should help you to gather evidence to assist you in meeting the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • any short term teaching completed in blocks of less than six weeks will not be considered towards the requirements for gaining full certification
  • your employer supports ongoing professional development and learning for teachers with an established and transparent policy as to how this operates and how it is resourced
  • provisional certification is limited to a maximum period of six years. You will need to meet the requirements to be issued with a full practising certificate within this timeframe or complete the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) programme to access a further provisional practising certificate.

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Next steps

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