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The appraisal process exists to affirm and develop a high standard of teaching in New Zealand. Effective appraisal systems using the Standards for the Teaching Profession help teachers learn, grow and achieve the best outcomes for our learners.

We’ve put together some resource material to help you make sure that your appraisal supports quality practice in your setting. The resources are organised into sections by role or sector, but depending on your role, you might find useful resources in more than one section. We’ve also broken them down into to the stages in an effective appraisal system, like in this components diagram.

Some of the stages in the diagram are tasks to be completed while others about ongoing engagement. They are interactive and dynamic and will be in action throughout your daily work, formal and informal conversations, group meetings and interactions with colleagues in classrooms and professional learning groups and opportunities

While the contents within them vary a bit from role to role, the major components are:

1.     A performance review and appraisal stage to set up your system.

2.     Goals and inquiry to set up your role in the cycle.

3.     Evidence curated, collaborative sense making and appraisal discussion to implement work around the goals, the evidence that informs practice and decision making, and the conversations that are central to appraisal.

4.     The summary report, which discretely marks the end of the cycle.

Resources and workshops about the Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Code of Professional Responsibility

We encourage all teachers, schools, kura and centres to begin to use the new Standards for appraisal as soon as possible, ahead of their complete implementation by 1 January 2018. For more information on the Standards click here.

Here are some resources we’ve developed to help you and your colleagues to get familiar with the Standards:

Let us know if you would like to participate in a national professional learning programme to support your use of the Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Code of Professional Responsibility for:

  • Early Childhood Education professional leaders to ensure their own appraisal using the Standards for the Teaching Profession is valuable, manageable and learner focussed
  • For teachers and professional leaders across the sectors to build their understandings of the Standards for the Teaching Profession and how these can be used in their appraisal, and what the Code for the Teaching Profession means for them.

Resources and workbooks

Appraisal as a catalyst for learner outcomes: two years on - a joint report with ERO [pdf]

Workbook - Appraisal for Middle Leaders at NZATE Conference, Waitangi 2017 [download the .doc]