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About the Teaching Council

Matatū Aotearoa

The Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand | Matatū Aotearoa is the professional body for, and voice of, the New Zealand teaching profession.

We represent over 100,000 registered teachers in New Zealand from early childhood education through to primary and secondary schooling, in English and Māori medium settings.

Our role is to promote all that’s best about teaching - good practice, new ideas, and inspirational leadership.

We aim to boost the status of teaching, strengthening accountability and bringing consistently high standards across the education system.

We also provide leadership and work to strengthen the regulatory and disciplinary framework for teaching.

Our key functions include:

  • Providing leadership to teachers and setting the direction for the education profession
  • Enhancing the status of teachers and education leaders
  • Setting expectations of teacher practice and behaviour (Code and Standards)
  • Setting requirements for, approving and monitoring Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes
  • Ongoing professional development for teachers
  • Sharing best practice
  • Promoting and assuring appraisal for both accountability and development
  • Processing teacher registration and certification applications, and
  • Managing complaints related to conduct and competence.

We work hard to make a difference to teachers and learners, and we’re passionate about what we do! High quality teaching and educational leadership have been proven to have the biggest effect on raising student achievement.  With such a critical role in society, it's essential that teachers and education leaders have a high-performing and forward-thinking professional body to support them.

Our story

Matatū  Aotearoa 

Matatū Aotearoa comes from the words Mata: face and tū: to stand.

Matatū: to stand up and take notice; to ensure you’re alert so you can take on the challenges that appear before you and that you are aware of your surroundings by looking in all directions not just one.

The kowhaiwhai design we use represents the many pathways an individual takes to seek knowledge – being aware of the various environments, taking on the challenges along the way and striving to be the best they can be.

With knowledge comes learning; with learning comes expertise; with expertise comes the ability to teach and pass on the knowledge to guide those who follow.

Our new name

Our name changed from the Education Council to the Teaching Council in September 2018. Read more here


The Teaching Council is an independent statutory body comprising a Governing Board and an organisation. Find out more

Publications & Reports

Publications, newsletters and reports from the Teaching Council can be found here

Making a Complaint 

Teaching Council Complaints Policy